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Rarely seen, rarely sold

Another small series car offered for sale

by Matthias Urban

Fort Lauderdale Collection offers #134936, one of the only six GTZ-Conversions by Zagato. The car is the second conversion, made on a Japanese spec. car that is flashy because of its Green interior.

The first GTZ was presented at the Villa d’Este Concours on April 22nd, 2006. This car was Japanese-related as well. Owner of the original 575 was Yoshiyuki Hayashi who wanted to have a unique Ferrari beside his collection of other gems from Maranello. Zagato’s head designer was Japanese Nori Harada who designed the GTZ with the typical Zagato Double Bubble roof. Ferrari agreed to Zagato’s project because the body builder left the technical specifications of the 575 untouched.

All six cars have been identified and can be found in F-Register’s database, what else…?

127394 575 M Maranello F1 02 Argento Nürburgring 101/C/dark Blue LHD US ZFFBV55A420127394 ass. # 44689, converted to 575 GTZ Zagato in 06, #1/6 Grigio Silverstone then Rubino misc. Silver double bubble roof/Cuoio Nero Calipers

134936 575 M Maranello F1 10/03 LHD JP ZFFBT55J000134936 ass. # 52403 eng. # 79716, 575 GTZ-Conversion by Zagato #2/6 Nero/Green Red Calipers

136920 575 M Maranello F1 04 Rosso Corsa/Beige LHD US ZFFBV55A740136920, converted to 575 GTZ Zagato #3/6 dark Grey met./Bordeaux Nero Calipers

127928 575 M Maranello F1 02 Blu NART/Crema LHD EU ZFFBT55B000127928 then 575 GTZ Conversion by Zagato #4/6 dark Grey met. light Grey met. roof/Crema Nero Calipers

130838 575 M Maranello (F1) 03 575-GTZ Conversion by Zagato #5/6 Bianco Fuji dark Brown Roof/Black

140719 575 M Maranello F1 05 Pozzi Blu/Cuoio Daytona Seats Blu Stitching LHD US ZFFBV55AX50140719 Shields, converted by Zagato to 575 GTZ #6/6 dark Blue White Roof/Bordeaux Nero Calipers