F-Register.com developed from Matthias Urban’s Book „The Ferrari Serial Number Manual 1947 – 2007”. A printed version of this content was available from Heel Verlag GmbH, Pottscheidt 1, D-53639 Königswinter. The Book is currently out of print, but eventually they will have some units in stock, as well, as the Author has a few examples on hand here.

The web-site is dedicated to every kind of people, who are addicted to the cars and history of the famous Factory from Maranello. Even if we proudly know, that there is at least one example of the Book on every continent, distribution of the Book’s content via a web-site is much easier and is an attractive opportunity to reach Ferraristi best.

The goal to achieve is to get a complete Registry of every car that has left the Factory since the first time of production in 1947. We all know, that this is a quest that is hard to fulfill, but, people tried it in the past and people will do it in future. Some focus on certain models, other do focus on the complete Factory’s production.

The man, who started it all, was Hilary A. Raab. Raab covered the Competition Cars and the early Street Cars up to 365 GT/4 BB model and early 308 models.

He was followed by fellow American, Dr. Robert B. Marvin from Jasper, FL, whose quest obviously ended in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s, when he published „The Ferrari Register” plus several supplements.

All information provided on www.f-register.com is given to our best knowledge. Nevertheless, as the Story about the Maranello Factory does hold so many details, it is not impossible, that we have a few errors here. If you come over these, just let us know here.