„Another Ferrari Book?”

... have been the first three words in the „Ferrari Serial Number Manual 1947 – 2007” that was published by Germany’s highly respected publishers Heel (ISBN: 978-3-89880-711-1). Want to read the Book’s original introduction? Read more...

When it appeared on the market, the press did vacillate between being astonished and warm acceptance. Some called it the „Magnum Opus“ on the production of the Maranello based factory and a market expert, former CEO of a very well known high-end luxury car manufacturer and a highly respected member of the Ferrari-community called it „a scientific work“ and called the Book „the Chronic of Ferrari’s history“.
But fame and fortune have not been the driver on this, nor was it intended to be widely spread, what has, thankfully, changed. You may ask me, what is it for and why is anybody crazy enough to be interested in a car manufacturer’s serial number range? The second question is as easy to answer as it is not comprehensive.
Nobody really knows why Ferrari is obviously the only brand in automotive production that attracts people to care about serial numbers. It may be related to the myth, to the sportive success and tragedies, to the touch of exclusivity that the cars represent or it is, as Michael Sheehan points it out in one of his columns, that Ferrari is the only market-based car maker, what sure is part of the brand’s exclusivity.
  And, to be honest, when publisher Heel did his marketing with “This Book closes a long existing gap for Collectors and Enthusiasts.” I had to smile, but was quickly convinced, that this was the truth. Even official dealers and dealers for historic and luxury cars did buy the Book and did send requests about certain cars. Be assured, there is a story behind so many cars, some simple, some fascinating to tell, but let’s make it step-by-step. Buying a Ferrari and owning a Ferrari is first of all a very personal thing and it is not up to me to judge, what information an owner wants to share. On the other hand every car in the world is easy to identify by its Serial Number or Vehicle Identification Number and that’s what you get here, a rundown of identified cars with as much information as possible, as much information that can be given carefully without violating privacy. Where this might lead? Have a look on sister-register Dinoregister.com, its information is fully owner driven! It will be great to see F-register.com improving the same way!

Matthias Urban
- Editor -