Matthias Urban

The editor is a banker by profession. During a busy time on the job he was looking for something different to spend his time with whilst on vacation and it had to be something manual in contrast to the daily "brainwork". Building scale model cars was the chosen option. Respecting a little boy's first automotive love affair, the only cars to be built had to be from the manufacturer in Maranello. And this is how the story started.

With every model built, the need to know what that particular car looked like in reality increased and ended in the setup of a sustained research of the cars and their Serial Numbers. The catalyst was the 1969 Paris Salon Pinin Farina One-Off Daytona Spider # 12925.

This was nearly twenty years ago and ever since the editor's storage of scale model cars left in their original packaging has grown and no further model has been finished since. Instead of cementing small plastic parts, the database of Serial Numbers started a life of its own and contingency in life led to the chance to have a book printed that was not intended to be.