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When your brain wants to take a break and your heart skips beats

Paris was pure abundance - to our delight

Folks, what was that? Of course, the auctions, which we have already reported on in full, gave a foretaste. Girardo's announcement of a 'Ferrari Only' display also raised expectations and when, while we were on our way in the Thalys, the first images with the 3387GT appeared on the smartphone, we knew that big things were about to happen.

Then you go through the auctions, everything in its place, just in a new location, but as we said, nice, but exactly what was expected, which is in no way a quality judgment, but simply describes the horizon of expectations exactly, like finally, to cool down, to Artcurial, but also here only because you knew what was coming.

The next day, the tremendous excitement when you know something is coming your way, but you cannot believe it because you have not seen it yet. Structure, structure is then very important in order not to miss anything. Do not follow the heart that says, take a look in the aisle next to that you are walking, there is something great there. It will not be gone when the structure leads you there.

Find the right entry into the labyrinth. We did, down the stairs and on the way to our "structure", the first car of course falls on our feet - a California SWB! One in two, one in four California Spiders. One cannot go past that, can you? Now, quickly, into the last aisle, that is, the one that is furthest away from the entrance and then working the way back to the entrance is the strategy. And if you think the California was the highlight, far from it, it was one of many more to come, as you can see in our Slide Show.

Disappointments? Well, Richard Mille with a display of eight cars didn't even let the press into the stand to take pictures of the rear views, a pity and strange are the proletarian thoughts that accompany a Ferrari driver when he sees the figures on the stand for whom sipping sparkling wine is apparently more important than the valuables in front of them.

Particularly beautiful? Of course, Girardo's display kept everything it promised. Keith Bluemel has done a book with Girardo on the Prodrive 550 (108462 was on hand), circulation 550 units, price £550 - according to unconfirmed rumours... all sold.

Otherwise? Well, always the same faces, thank God. Sport et Collection seems to be particularly looking forward to seeing you in June. So, why not to 500 Ferrari contre le cancer 2023 at the Circuit du Val de Vienne in Le Vigeant?

Summing up, it was the highest fascination, a true "Make a wish" and everything that was desired was shown. As if all dealers and exhibitors had called for the ultimate indoor event, the 74 cars from the exhibition, beyond the auctions, are in our Slide Show today. We think you can understand our enthusiasm. Have a lot of fun! Actually, we are getting nervous as to whether the Rétro '24 can... well, at least keep up the level. Just asking much…