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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 113

already in the middle of it,...

...but what interests us doesn't start until tomorrow. Barrett Jackson continues this year's Scottsdale with their auction.

Here are the lots:

Thursday, March 25th

56351 Mondial QV Cabriolet 85 Rosso Corsa/Beige Nero top & boot LHD EU ZFFLC15B000056351
Lot #713.1, no reserve

87747 Mondial t Cabriolet 90 Bianco FER 100 Glasurit/Beige 4208 Nero top & boot LHD Manual US ZFFFK33A3L0087747 ass. # 04772
Lot #724, no reserve, 33,213 miles

Friday, March 26th

103598 F355 Spider 95 Giallo Modena/Nero 8500 Nero top LHD Manual US ZFFPR48AXS0103598 ass. # 20478
Lot #743, no reserve, ex- Ralph Lauren

58853 308 GTS QV 85 Argento FER 101/C Glasurit/Bordeaux LHD US ZFFUA13A7F0058853
Lot #983, no reserve, 18,615 miles

143595 F430 Spider F1 05 Grigio Silverstone/Cuoio Daytona seats Nero inserts Nero piping LHD US ZFFEW59A550143595 Aluminum Calipers Shields Giallo Dials
Lot #1045.1, no reserve, 9,664 miles

145137 F430 F1 06 Giallo Modena/Nero Daytona seats Yellow inserts & Stitching yellow lower half of steering wheel LHD US ZFFEW58A360145137 Giallo Dials Shields Rosso Scuderia Calipers Carbo Ceramic Brakes Shields
Lot 1046, no reserve, 13,974 miles

152692 F430 F1 07 Giallo Modena FER. 4305 PPG/Beige 4208 Daytona seats LHD US ZFFEW58A970152692 Giallo Calipers Shields Giallo Dials Carboceramic Brakes
Lot 1047, no reserve, 18,259 miles

Saturday, March 27th

139933 575 M Maranello F1 05 Rosso Corsa/Nero Daytona Seats LHD US ZFFBV55A750139933 Red Calipers Shields
Lot #1288.1, no reserve, 2,281 miles

80029 328 GTB 1/89 Rosso Corsa FER 300/9 Glasurit/Beige 4208 LHD US ZFFXA19A2K0080029 rear aerofil
Lot #1289, no reserve, 8,903 miles

183009 458 Italia F1 12 Rosso Corsa/Beige 4208 Daytona seats Nero 8500 inserts LHD US ZFF67NFA8C0183009 Red calipers Shields Giallo dials
Lot 1354, no reserve, 3,765 miles

173223 599 GTB Fiorano F1 HGTE 10 Grigio Silverstone FER. 740 PPG/Nero 8500 Racing seats Rosso stitching LHD US ZFF60FCAXA0173223 Bianco dials Shields Red calipers
Lot 1354.1, no reserve, 3,758 miles

152682 F430 Spider F1 07 Rosso Corsa/Cuoio Daytona seats Nero top LHD US ZFFEW59A870152682 Red calipers Shields Rosso dials
Lot 1369.1, no reserve, 10,078 miles, offered from the Larry Winkler Collection

196205 F12 berlinetta F1 5/13 Grigio Silverstone/Crema Alcantara Nera seat centres LHD US ZFF74UFA6D0196205 Nero calipers Shields Nero dials Nero rims
Lot 1374, no reserve, 15,110 miles, offered from the Larry Winkler Collection

250012 488 Pista F1 20 Nero Daytona Bianco stripe Rosso Corsa centre stripe/Rosso leather Racing seats Alcantara Nera seat centres Italian stripe Bianco stitching Rosso dash Nero steering wheel LHD US ZFF90HLA5L0250012 Red calipers Shields Bianco dials
Lot 1374.2, no reserve, 322 miles, offered from the Larry Winkler Collection

09677 275 GTB/4 67 Red/Beige LHD EU ass. seq. 106 body # 0104
Lot 1394, 60,015 miles

194853 458 Italia Spider F1 2/13 Bianco Avus FER. 100 PPG/Nero 8500 Rosso stitching LHD US ZFF68NHA5D0194853 Red calipers Shields Nero dials front suspension lift AFS system
Lot 1429.1, no reserve, 9,808 actual miles