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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 66

as things stand, the 39th update is online

Okay, we also thought that if we are lucky and behave ourselves, we will be through with the pandemic after the summer and Matthias will take care of other things again.

Not correct! It even seems to be getting worse again, events are already lining up to be cancelled and the cool season has the potential to make things even worse.

Matthias keeps telling us that Corona is bad and dangerous stuff and if we really want to be the crowning glory of creation, it is up to us to prove it through our behaviour. So, we're sticking to the plan as long as we can keep you at home by giving you the opportunity to do more and more detailed research in F-Register, we'll continue - as long as the pandemic lasts!

Update 39 is a result of that. Many blocks of numbers have been added with the result that the open remainders are below 2% - but there is still enough to do to process all blocks.

So, let's look optimistically into the future, let's stay sensible as long as it takes, we'll give you Ferraristi the tools to do this.

Stay safe!


F-Register team