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We have time for one more!

F-Register will open up again for your pastime during the CoVid19-pandemic

The Corona Virus is the dominant theme these days and it will be on our minds for longer than just a few weeks, probably as long until a mass vaccine will be available for all of us. We all can stem the pandemic by staying responsible and acting accordingly – preferably by staying at home!

Matthias Urban, founder and chief editor of F-Register has decided to waive his break to keep Ferraristi off the street and to #stayathome. From now on, F-Register.com is again available –at least until the pandemic’s end- for Subscriber to the unique database.

All events are currently cancelled or postponed and we hardly believe that anything will happen again until this summer’s end. Formula 1 is discussing the termination of the complete season and to be honest, all this is not as relevant as everybody’s health. Therefore, F-Register’s archives still contain so much that we easily can seduce you to stay in front of monitor and keyboard rather than to leave the house!

There will be some changes. We will not provide posts in our blog ‘The Chronicle’ daily, just only when we have to share something. Our "Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Posts are a good indication for this. What we will provide, are regular Updates to our database, most probably on a monthly base - as usual. And, sorry, we do not support the “test-the-db”-option during that period.

Matthias Urban has decided to donate 10 % of all revenues relating from subscriptions to institutions that fight Covid19 and its impacts.

So, subscribe numerous and spread the message, please.

See you soon again – on F-Register.com. #stayathome, we make it easy for you!


F-Register Team