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another star has died

Heidi Hetzer passed away last week

Heidi Hetzer passed away, aged 81, only days ago. She was an amazing woman. She was a qualified female car mechanic who became her father's successor at the Berlin Opel dealership in 1969, aged 31.

Heidi was interessted in nearly everthing, but, wonder of wonders, in cars especially. She is best known for her round-the-world trip with her Hudson from 1930, fondly called Hudo.

The Ferrari-scene remembers Heidi for her ownership of 09107, one of the Felber-converted 330.

We met Heidi Hetzer in 2017 and she was most interessted if "her car was listed in the Book" - the answer made her somehow happy as the picture above does show.

We will remember Heidi as that what she was: an amazing woman, being interessted in everything and not being afraid of anything - it was our pleasure to know you, Mrs. Hetzer!