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Was the visit worth it?

Retro Classic Cologne 2018

by Matthias Urban

In Southern Germany, the Retro Classic Stuttgart is a big thing. Held in parallel to almighty Essen Motor Show it covers those, who do not want to travel far. Cologne is somtehing different. It is the second edition of the Retro Classic in 2018 and again the organizers included the Remembrance Day, a day, where sales activity is not permitted .

Again, Retro Classic occupied two halls of Messe Köln. If it would have been my first time ever event, I would have paid a visit with shining eyes and that probably is what this event is good for: attacting first timers. If you are used to visiting automobile fairs you find it all too clear. It looked like the dealer present had changed compeletly from 2017 to 2018.

Ferrari-wise the number of cars on offer is cut in half compared to 2017. 11 cars included a vistor parking in front of the hall plus a Ferrari-powered Fiat Dino Spider is the result from a one and a half hours visit to Retro Classic Cologne. Funny enough, about the half of the cars present have been blanks in our database. Therefore, it was a very good day with a extremly quick visit to a strange event.

Discoveries are displayed in today's Silde Show.