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Room to improve or an encouraging first step?

1. Retro Classics Cologne

Retro Classics is an established event in the south of Germany that tries to rival Essen’s Techno Classica for quite a while now. Now, the organizers move closer to Essen with presenting the first Retro Classics in Cologne. We have been curious in advance.

The fair was “co-organized” with an art-fair what made it not easy to find the way, however, no aficionado got stuck in the wrong fair in the end. The organization at all was “jet Kölsch” what means “a bit Cologne-ish”. People of Cologne are a own breed of men, our Chief-Editor worked in the city of Cologne for ten years and knows about the particular lovable idiosyncrasy, but to mix it up with the established event from Stuttgart and the expectations of the visitors was something hard. First vote: The organisation has room to improve.

We sure could not expect that the organization would have been able to set up a fair from scratch that would exceed two double-storey halls, but to be honest; it could have been more as one floor was used for a parts-market predominantly. First vote: The organisation has room to improve.

The Ferraris on display? A few… Surprises? Yes, the number of cars has to be considered in relation to the event’s first edition, means 19 cars in total. The 250 GTE from Latvia is to mention and the surprising display of Sportwagen Engel as well. None of the cars has been new to us, but the NART Spider and the Sbarro GTB on proper display is something good. The rest? Watch it by yourself in today’s Slide Show.