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29. Techno Classica in Essen

starting the trip through the halls with an additional preamble about the show

We had slighty more space being a visitor to this year's Techno Classica - however, we have to admit that only the figures, supplied by the organisation, did show that. Being in the Halls of Essen one did not notice that some 10% less visitors have been present compared to the record breaking 2016-edition. And the cars? If they could have felt anything, many of them sure did not feel too happy - a hen from a laying battery sometimes has obviously more space, a fact, that makes proper pictures not too easy to be made. The numbers of cars and the number of exhibitors have been stable compared to last year.

40% of the cars on offer are told to have been sold - a figure to believe. We heard about a car a Saturski's that was as soon sold as the door had opened. Ferrari Eberlein sold a car during our visit and Movendi was quoted to have sold the same number of nine cars as in 2016.

You will see over the next days that -even if the number of Ferraris being present reduced by nine to 140 cars- the quality of the cars was once again marvelous.

The days in Essen have been filled with impressions, surprises and talks. Talks with enthusiasts, long-time topic-fellows, journalists and dealers. Speaking of dealers, we once again have defined our most favoured ones: Helmut Eberlein is an unbelievable kind guy and an absolute expert, the folks at Gebr. Stehling have been our personal surprise of the show - we have stayed for nearly have an hour, stuck in talks. Not to miss are the beautiful people of Sportwagen im Bleiwerk and their kind hospitality. On the other hand, our guess that not everyone from Cologone is nice, gentle and cheerful has been proven... learning never stops.

We start the trip through the halls today with going underground... To hall 1 a with today's Slide Show