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When the train is just choo choo

this results in an amazing Update 67

We travelled Deutsche Bahn. What a German comedian finished his episodes with can be read at the bottom.

What we did was an experience. The train from Cologne to Munich made it 70 minutes late for an appointment of 2 1/2 hours and the train from Munich back to Cologne didn't want to be inferior but missed with a delay of ‘only’ 62 minutes.

Matthias took his laptop with him to do a little work on the database. Well, the little then became extensive, resulting in 5,893 records being touched. Ok, ok, we have to admit, there are many where the colour combination has been adjusted to the Factory specifications, but there is no longer a gap between 119969 and 226368 and until the first VINs appear, a total of only 43 blanks remain. Brave, brave!

Matthias then also completely checked one model: the LaFerraris are complete and error-free!

Senk ju vor träwelling Deutsche Bahn, right?

Until the next voyage


F-Register Team