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further, further, always further

your 66th update is available

A little earlier than expected, but that is due to our desire to travel and the fact that we can go back to Paris without major health risks. What the participants at the Rétromobile and the auction houses obviously also think, because the advance notices give hope for something comparable to the glorious past.

Speaking of the past, there will probably be something coming our way around the next update, which after 10 years is about time - so stay tuned.

In the meantime? On, on, on and on! 2,912 new and edited records for the month of January - completeness and accuracy continue to increase, accuracy of course as many friends help, out of interest in specific model lines, look at our data and provide help where needed or where there is clarity and improvement can be provided. This month, the 400s up to S/N 49999 were the focus. Thanks for that!

So now we have to get back to work, we want to get 99.5% coverage and do it as quickly and as accurately as possible. Therefore, there is still a hilly road ahead.


F-Register Team