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Five plus one

Bonhams Scottsdale offerings

Yes, I guess we have to explain the 'plus one'. Bonhams brings up five Ferraris and a F1-moch-up car. Indeed, it's a Factory-one from theier special numbering, but, in the end, it's a mock-up - for those who like it.

Bonhams has once again kindly provided us with pictures that we gladly present in today's slide show - fitting the lots below:

07767 275 GTS #137/200 8/65 Argento 20265 then Rosso Corsa/Nero Franzi then Blu Ferrari 20-A-180/Beige Nero boot dark Blue top LHD US 275 GTS*07767* eng. # 07767 PF job # 175137
Lot 130 US$1,650,000 - US$1,950,000

267739 812 GTS F1 21 Grigio GTS/Cuoio Nero stripe Cuoio & Carbon steering wheel LHD US ZFF97CMA8M0267739 ass. # 188319 Giallo calipers Shields Giallo dials suspension lift AFS system
Lot 134 US$680,000 - US$750,000

9711 330 GTC 3/67 ordered in Celeste/Nero Franzi but changed pre-production to Verde Scuro then Avorio/Beige Scuro LHD EU 330 GTC*9711* body # C0200 eng. # 9711 ass. seq. 192
Lot 166 US$600,000 - US$700,000

241641 488 Pista F1 11/18 Rosso Corsa DS 322 livrea Arg Nurburg Blu America PPG/Cuoio 4509 large Daytona Racng seats Blu 0825 stitching Blu Sterling 130429 coloured inner details Nero 8500 upper dash LHD US ZFF90HLA4K0241641 Grigio Silverstone calipers Shields suspension lift HELE AFS system
Lot 174 $500,000 - US$600,000

122435 360 Modena 11/00 Blu Tour de France 522 PPG/Cuoio Blu Scuro piping Blu Scuro dash & steering wheel LHD Manual US ZFFYU51A6Y0122435 Red Calipers
Lot 206 US$150,000 - US$175,000

N56 F2001 Factory Showcar Rosso Scuderia/Nero CHD
Lot 173 US$500,000 - US$700,000