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Time of the Season? No, every Season has its time!

The first event of the 2023 Season for us is: Interclassics in Maastricht!

Finally again, finally, finally! Brussels has already spoiled us - we will our Slide Show the next days with everything there was to see outside of the Ferrari 75 exhibition - but don't take it amiss, Interclassics in Maastricht is the real thing to start the season!

We hope it will be like always, that would be enough. The well-known ambience, the warm welcoming culture in the MECC, all the many familiar faces among the dealers and visitors. We're just looking forward to it... You too? Then here are the dates, overwhelm people with your visit, they deserve it!

what: Interclassics
where: MECC
Forum 100 6229 GV Maastricht
when: January 12th - 15th 2023

Please notice that January 12th is the Preview Day with different opening hours and entrance fees. Tickets are available: in long queues at the scene and on the web!