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Outside, 'Silent Night' is already spreading -The Review

The 54th Essen Motor Show

As always since 1968, the Essen Motor Show takes place at the beginning of December. The first edition was still called the 1st International Sports and Racing Car Exhibition in Essen and developed into the second most popular trade fair for cars in Germany - behind the IAA. Our first EMS was nineteen years ago and started with a special exhibition on Ferrari. We haven't missed any since then, even though the fair has developed more into an event for the tuning scene, which is why the fair has been called "Krabumm-Messe" for several years.

Lots of bare skin, glaring lights, massive basses, Teslas that suddenly have valve exhaust and masses of pubescent youngsters as target customers - that always makes us open very early on the pre-view day, so that we're gone again when school is over for them . In recent years, the Ferrari display has melted more and more, even if the organizers verbally hung the banner of the Historics higher and higher. This year there were only 15 cars with an SWB replica and, thank God, a Boxer by Helmut Eberlein as "the heroes of the past", plus two GT3s as highlights. But it doesn't matter, a fun end of the season with a long tradition - Maastricht, Paris and the Techno Classica will take care of the rest. Cheerio and... Krabumm

This have been the cars present, a Slide Show is available!

3229GT 250 GTE Series II 61 Argento/Rosso LHD EU PF job # 68049 then converted to SWB Replica dark Grey met./Bordeaux LHD EU eng. # 2287GT
3476 458 Italia F1 GT3 13 Rosso Scuderia White Roof then Rosso Scuderia/Nero LHD F142GT3*3476* eng. # 121 Shields Aluminum Calipers Gold rims
4400 488 GT3 F1 17 Argento Nürburgring then wrapped Green White & Yellow then wrapped matte Blue matte White & Yellow/Nero cloth Racing seats LHD F142M GT3*4400* Nero rims
20937 308 GTB Vetroresina 3/77 Rosso Chiaro/Nero LHD EU F106AB*20937*
25359 308 GTS 78 Bianco/Nero LHD EU
48565 512 BBi 11/83 Rosso Corsa FER 300/6 Glasurit/Beige 3218 Daytona seats LHD EU ZFFJA09B000048565
79005 328 GTB 88 Rosso Corsa/Nero 8500 LHD EU ZFFWA19B000079005 79005EJE no rear aerofil
96551 512 TR 93 Rosso Corsa FER 300 Glasurit/Nero 8500 LHD EU ZFFLA40B000096551 96551HAD, rebodied as 'Liberty Walk'-Widebody
99934 348 Spider 94 Rosso Corsa FER 300 Glasurit/Nero A8500 LHD EU ZFFUA43B000099934 ass. # 16904 body # 359
101254 F355 Berlinetta 95 Rosso Corsa/Nero 8500 LHD Manual EU ZFFPA41B000101254 A1254IZE ass. # 18167 Nero calipers rear Challenge grill aftermarkt rotiform rims
159715 F430 F1 08 Bianco Avus/Crema Crema dash LHD ME ZFFEW58T480159715 Giallo dials Shields Giallo calipers rear Challenge grill Challenge rims then Bianco rims, lowered by Wyld
197690 FF F1 13 Rosso Maranello/Nero Rosso stitching LHD EU ZFF73SKB000197690 Giallo calipers cinture Rosso
227052 812 Superfast F1 17 Rosso Corsa/Nero Rosso stripe LHD EU ZFF83CMB000227052 Giallo dials Shields Giallo calipers, modiefied by Grail
237027 488 GTB F1 18 Argento Nürburgring 101/C PPG Nero stripes/Iroko Grigio Chiaro stitching Iroko lower dash LHD EU ZFF79AMB000237027 Aluminium calipers Shields Nero dials HELE Grigio Ferro opaco rims
264285 Portofino M F1 21 Canna di Fucile/Rosso Ferrari pattern style seats Rosso Ferrari stripe Nero piping LHD EU ZFF02RPB000264285 Giallo dials Shields Rosso Scuderia calipers AFS system ADAS