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Closing time?

The 64th update is online!

Yes, it will be closing time - to be precise, for this year. It wasn't easy for the world, that probably means, just not for many people and that's not nice. Good times ahead you want to call and we don't give up hope: everything will be fine!

Our year wasn't bad. More than 14,000 new entries in the database with still a month to go make us proud, but we don't want to hide: there is still a long way to go to be complete and when we are complete we will still have an infinite amount of data on the liveries, in and out and enter the options and images, images, images…

What do we have left? It will go on! We have started to verify our entries this year, usually when we receive a request. This month it's the Enzos, again there are details to be added over time, but the lineup is complete.

So, we look forward to seeing you in 2023, look forward to what we will do for you next year - in the most unlikely database in the world!

The F-Register teams sends you season greetings already and returns to work!