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Outside, 'Silent Night' is already spreading

Essen Motor Show 2022 is on the schedule

Hustle and bustle in a dignified form that does justice to Christmas and the Advent season. It smells like mulled wine and roasted almonds and everywhere the lights start to glow solemnly... Don't even believe it! The people from Essen put the motor show before the holy time.

A Tesla suddenly sounds screeching like an eight-cylinder and instead of a Christmassy brass band, exhaust flaps trumpet the attempt at "Come all ya faithful". Basses waft through the halls and the tuners try to sell their chrome-plated goods with a lot of bare skin.

We're going. Not because of the Teslas and the brass band, not because of the lightly clad ladies, but to see whether one or the other Ferrari has been lowered again and we are lured with the prospect that many classic cars will once again be exhibited and offered .

Will you come as well? It could be the last event of the year...

Where: Messe Essen - where else :)

When: starting with the preview Day next Friday and lasting until December 11th.

Website and further information: https://www.essen-motorshow.de/automobilmesse/