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Goodbye Europe 2022

The Formula Race Results db has been updated

Well, we don't believe that a broken down McLaren had a lasting effect on the result in Monza, maybe he took the last, almost utopian chance of another home win.

Now that's it with Europe and actually you have to say that the only positive thing is that the engine regulations will be frozen for the next three years - means the chance of it getting worse is correspondingly small, although not impossible, what this is Slapstick season proves. It looks more like driving for a Commedy Award than for the world championship in Formula 1.

On October 2nd we go to Singapore and Verstappen can already win the title, which will probably be very likely and Ferrari will say once again: First we were unlucky and then there was bad luck. But... weren't the driver's suits nice in Monza? And so few understood it.