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off to the field for a surprise weekend

Classic Days move from Jüchen to Düsseldorf

Messe Düsseldorf car park P1, Lotzweg in Düsseldorf... That sounds at first glance, which is not possible, at least as impossible. The Schloß Dyck Classic Days will become the Classic Days Düsseldorf this weekend.

First of all, we are quite open-minded, why not? Of course, you have to get away from the outstanding ambience first, but the event at Schloss Dyck had not developed significantly in recent years and took on more elitist traits, as access to the island was initially restricted and the classic cars turned into a pseudo-event "Jewels in The Park" - without audience participation, apart from the exclusively invited ones.

Well then, one could not agree with the operators of Dyck Castle about a continuation. Without having been there, one actually asks oneself whether this is not maximum damage for both sides. Now the organizer is trying out Messe Düsseldorf and we're excited. And because we are so excited, we want to be surprised and go - this weekend - to the parking lot - not in the field with the masses of reeds.

Do you want to be surprised too? Try it out, meet you there!