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July evening

In Gstaad tomorrow there will be more than alpenglow!

It will shine red and it has nothing to do with the sun. Bonhams is in the village and all the Ferraris on sale are... Red!

But see for yourself, the lots here and the pictures that Bonhams kindly provided us with can be found in our Slide Show of today!

76240 328 GTS 88 Rosso Corsa FER 300/9 Glasurit/Beige LHD CH ZFFCA19S000076240 F105P040*11401* rear aerofoil
Lot 107 est. CHF55,000 - CHF75,000 without reserve 22,720 km

161058 599 GTB Fiorano F1 08 Rosso Fiorano/Sabbia Daytona Racing seats Rosso stitching LHD EU ZFFFD60B000161058 eng. # F140C*134451* Aluminum calipers Shields Giallo dials
Lot 116† est. CHF100,000 - CHF120,000

99215 512 TR 4/94 Rosso Corsa/Crema A3997 LHD CH ZFFLA40S000099215 99215PRZ eng. # F.113D040*36631* ass. # 16246
Lot 123† est. CHF100,000 - CHF120,000

2675GT 250 GTE Series I 61 Grigio Fumo then Rosso Corsa/Beige LHD US eng. #2675 PF job # 39859
Lot 129Ω est. CHF200,000 - CHF300,000 without reserve

15111 365 GTB/4 Daytona 3/72 Marrone Metallizzato then Red/Beige Daytona seats Nero inserts LHD EU eng. # B1548 ass. seq. 700
Lot 132 est. CHF550,000 - CHF750,000

89982 F40 91 Rosso Corsa FER 300/9 Glasurit/Nero Rosso Stoffa Vigogna Seats LHD EU ZFFGJ34B000089982 ass. # 07578 eng. # 27824
Lot 138 est. CHF1,600,000 - CHF1,800,000

82194 Testarossa Series 3 89 Rosso Corsa FER 300/9 Glasurit/Nero 8500 LHD CH ZFFSA17S000082194 82194OER eng. # F.113A040*18660*
Lot 147† est. CHF115,000 - CHF150,000