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Summer is here... or isn’t it?

The 58th update is online!

If the number of new and edited sentences is high, that doesn't necessarily mean you've been out the door frequently. There may be corners of the world where that wasn't the case, but we've been happy about the warm space at the computer over the last few weeks.

Almost 3,000 data records mean that 2,590 new entries have been added - still counting... We have to admit that when we see the first Purosangue in the register, we start to ponder whether this SUV still passes as a Ferrari and whether this model would have existed if Enzo had lived to see it. It's going to be a bestseller, that's for sure, but that doesn't make it any prettier, but who would we be to decide to exclude it?

So, and now summer is coming, the next update may be slimmer, but only because we can go outside again: Zandvoort's call is supposed to be loud and persistent. And who knows what's to come...

Stay healthy, stay with us and please continue to support our fellow human beings in Ukraine


F-Register Team