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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 177

It’s beginning to look a lot like (post)-Christmas

It's the best Christmas present! We are not yet in the perfect world, but the basic work is done again! This means that we will be able to offer our monthly updates for our subscribers again - an unfortunate interaction between the programmer and the Internet host was responsible for this and neither of them wanted to admit the fault and take care of the repair. We are in the process of making the whole thing much more professional with improvements that, except for the result, we can hopefully hide from all of you.

First of all we are happy that we can show the results of our work again! An unbelievable 18,803 new records were added or supplemented, and some very few errors were corrected. So, we haven't lazed around while we couldn't make the updates visible to you - on the contrary! Thousands of serial number sequences are now complete - without a gap and we are exactly on schedule that we have set ourselves. So be curious and look forward to the next few months and every new update that will come regularly.

We thank and especially our subscribers for their incredible patience with us and their forbearance and their unshakable belief that everything will be fine again.

Have a great new year together!


F-Register Team