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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 173

Bruxelles make it an easy Top 1 of three events in 2021

Finally - it was an inspiration during the night - take a look at your archive, try to narrow it down and look for the similarities and then ... 2703GT comes out as the solution.

Honestly, don't you guys feel like us? It drives you crazy when you have a complete list and only one vehicle is not identified?

But, made it! And now we can also report on the Interclassics in Brussels.

The result in advance: it was in our Corona expectations, 50% of the amount of the previous year, presented to 20,000 visitors over the three days, but it was shown how quickly and professionally access was granted for the visitors: Check the vaccination pass and go! No queues and the -as always- friendly faces. The makers of Interclassics can do it easily and always prove why they are one of our favorite events. It was then surprising how many visitors did without the mask inside.

But, we are back home safe and sound with no symptoms, so everything went well. So, quickly to the Slide Show and see what was on offer for us at the "fair of the year".

Oh, unfortunately not all exhibitors have set up their vehicles just "photographically optimized" - what a pitty ...