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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 165 - The "Escape"-Post

Are you going? We think, we will be brave, it's agreed, we're going - if they will let us! Towards Bruxelles we go for the Interclassics 2021!

Well, of course we have doubts, but we do believe that the Interclassics will take place and, we do believe that we are prepared - vaccinated, provided with masks and at an age when one has enough foresight to be careful.

Brussels in itself is worth the trip

and the imposing exhibition building pulls us under its spell

But, this year is something special: Jacky Ickx will be celebrated and honored on his 75th birthday, even if that should have already happened in Maastricht in 2020 and is now finally to be celebrated.

The special? Not only is Jacky a very likeable guy, he is also the only one who has signed a copy of the "Ferrari Serial Number Manual".

It happened during the Modena Motorsports Track Days at the Nürburgring. Of course this copy is for sale, but only for the really interested and ... it is not cheap either. Anyone who is seriously interested can contact us.

Otherwise? It's Interclassics, so we don't need to worry about a successful organization - Danielle Bronckers and her wonderful team manage it again and again!

So, come on, let's meet there! Finally! Again! But, carefully please and take care of yourself!