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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 158

Finally! An event!

It's a pandemic and you can tell. Even if we slowly trust ourselves more and more, it is still not the same.

The first event since Rétro 2020 took us to Spa again, this time to the smallest of all events: Spa Italia. And you noticed that after a long time there was something to be organized again. The Roannay has now also joined the closed hotels in Stavelot, and it is becoming increasingly quiet around the racetrack.

This time, the organization of Spa Italia was seriously overwhelmed. You only found out that you could only get your (prepaid) access tapes in Kockelmann-Motos' rooms when you were turned away at the parking lot on the racetrack. So there was a lot going on, despite the small number of spectators compared to before. When you were back in the parking lot, you only had to pay by card on the handheld - that didn't make things that much more convenient.

The event was as expected, which is of course a good thing - after all, it's still a pandemic - significantly fewer cars, no official dealers, few stands, fewer spectators, which of course made it a lot easier to see the pretties. The field was well mixed - from old to new, but see for yourself in today's Slide Show