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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 140

this time it's a surprise bag - the 48th update is online

Matthias tells us that the month wasn't easy. Far too much came in between and then there were also imponderables that were out of his hands, but that can now be reached again satisfactorily - nothing related to our application or database, but simply the inaccessibility of a point that regularly provides data - But, you have to live with that and Matthias says he still has so much in the archives that can be entered that it has no influence on the filling of the database, just takes a few detours instead of the straight route. But why complain, 3,120 data records are new or edited, that's a lot, what more could you want?

Look forward to the many new dates, they are just a bit more scattered this time. That’s also exciting! And, the first 296 are already there!

Stay balanced with us


F-Register Team