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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 123

Something for the Weekend – the 46th Update is online!

The "flow" has now become more of a "groove", says Matthias. He is now within the 164000 range to fill all gaps and possibly correct incorrect information - which is not much, at least the correcting, he says.

With stoic calm he works his way forward, carefully and following the correctness - nothing is worse than carelessly filling in data - that has to be right. Enjoy 2,391 new entries! 3,900 entries have been adjusted, with this particularly affecting the details of the exterior and interior colors in the range from 50000 - 99999 - so, actually more cosmetic, but also important!

We already said it a fortnight ago in our "Resist the CoViD-19" Club Post 120, what the procedure for temporal dimensions will have for F-Register and that manifests itself anew with each completed and checked block. The pandemic has to be good for something, right? And if it's just working through series of numbers.

Even if more and more of us have now been vaccinated, there is hardly any trace of normality. The third wave is just spitting us out ... Almost all events still take place without spectators, if they take place at all. Sometimes Matthias complains that we cannot go out to Spa, to Paris, to the Ring ... but then it occurs to him that everyone else cannot be there either, and then the computer is the pure fulfilment.

So hold on, stay healthy and sensible!


F-Register Team