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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 119

Corona seems to make it fast - 2020 group figures already published

The annual report came to the desk faster than before. Overall, we are not surprised by the production figures.

Almost exactly a little over 1,000 fewer cars were produced. It should be clear that due to the pandemic, there was less racing and the share of GT vehicles in production fell by around 12 percentage points. The doubling of the so-called Icona cars is likely to be due to the fact that Monza production has got going.

In addition to the seven-week production stop in 2020, the phasing out of the GTC / 4, 488 and now also the 812 is likely to have led to lower output. We hear from the stores that the official dealers are well frequented during the pandemic and are not complaining about new business.

However, the distribution is exciting. The long-term trend of a third of new cars going to America continues to decline with only 25% of new deliveries in 2020. Europe is relatively stable (minus 77 cars), although it is noticeable that the UK has sold 150 fewer cars. The decline is even more pronounced in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The decrease is 380 cars or 45.5%!

The Chart of the Annual Production from 1947 to 2020 can be looked up - as usual - by visiting our Picture Box!