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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 90


Actually nothing more than, the answer to the question of all questions, isn't it? Is that it? Well, it's a bit different with us. It's more of a belated Christmas present and something earlier than expected. It is the number of the last update in 2020 and we are still working on completing the database.

Sounds like Sisyphus, it is a little bit, but the number of steps that we have been showing since the resumption of F-Register has at least remained the same or has even become more dynamic month after month.

We close the year with almost 3,000 records, most of them new, some edited and very few corrected. It was a special year for all of us and the challenge is not over yet, but the hope has grown that we are on the way to a, perhaps another, normality.

Everyone out there, a Happy New Year, may we look forward to at all the events that we will probably appreciate again in the future - simply because they are taking place.

Stay healthy!


F-Register Team