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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 61

Sorry, it took a little longer ... The 38th update is online, finally ... But, we are still faster than the SF1000!

First we were slowed down by the new, higher security levels of our own server - endlessly, until you get behind it and then Matthias found that he was in a real flow when it came to completing the register. Have you ever stopped a master? Don't you even try, please, just let him flow on ...

Almost 3,800 new and changed data sets are now available to you and by "new" we mean really new and really many - only a few would have been changed! Our goal of achieving coverage of more than 90% by the end of the pandemic does not seem impossible to us, but rather very realistic.

So, let's go on! You stay safe and healthy, preferably at home, take care of yourself and others too. We'll go see what Matthias' Flow is doing ...

See you soon

Yours F-Register Team