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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 52

Something for the weekend - the 37th Update is online

We don't know what it's going to be like. Will the 70th anniversary Grand Prix be a continuation of the unfortunate season? The 'Oldtimer Grand Prix' of the AvD was supposed to take place on the weekend. Does it? Some from the circle go there, with whatever expectation.

We are not! We have prepared the 37th update for everyone who stays at home - after all, life isn’t a bowl of cherries and we realize that we may not all be as grown up as we claim. We cannot simply say enough is enough just because we are no longer interested in the pandemic's limitations. Because the virus obviously lacks the brain and ears to comply with our legitimate desire for normality. It is just not like that, so stick together, take care of others and us and be responsible for the time it takes.

Let us move on, there is still enough to do to keep you at home!

Stay well and save!


F-Register Team