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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 35

Mother would have asked if you all stayed nice at home – F-Register’s 35th Update is online!

Well, at least we don't want to give any reason to disobey. 4,151 new and changed, supplemented and corrected data sets have been added to keep you busy. Again, there are a few, very special vehicles - let's see if you can find them.

Here are a few notes: We would like to thank all users who use the registration form to report new vehicles or to make changes to existing entries. We will enter these little by little. At the moment, thanks to some very active friends, we have the opportunity to significantly reduce the number of unidentified VINs, with a little luck even under 10%! Of course we do not miss the chance. At the moment this means completeness before details. If our assumption applies to the length of the pandemic, then we still have a few months to spend together - until the vaccine and for the details!

We would like to point out again for the given reason: We will publish what details owners have given us with the request to add to the data of the vehicle. In our view, this is the reason why this data is shared. If you do not want to have your data mentioned, please let us know, we will then immediately change to "known owner".

In this sense, stay safe, stay clever and spend time in front of the computer doing research - we make it easy for you that it is difficult for you to separate with the monitor!


F-Register Team