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"Resist the CoViD-19"-Club Post 12

sweeten your #stayathome with the Best of...

...this year's Interclassics in Maastricht-pictures.

Pleasure for us to share some of our pictures of the event when CoVid-19 still was a problem somewhere far away. It just was another happy-go-lucky as the regular season opener, meeting friends, spotting cars, being hosted well again by Danielle Bronckers and her team.

Included are two cars of the -again- disastrous display at Coys. One of four announced cars has ben present, tow didn't make it to Maastricht on time and the 575 was crashed a week before the auction. Additionally, a 599 was on offer.

Missed before the worried times: Kroymans and the Gallery Aaldering amongst others. Aalderings promised to be in Essen, we will look for them in summer!

Let's be optimistic that January 2021 will see another jaunty edition of Maastricht's Interclassics. We will be happy to be there.

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