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The Annual Report 2018 is published

The Factory tops its production with more than 9,000 cars produced in 2018

Ferrari NV has recently published its Annual Report for the business year 2018.

The report gives us the opportunity to follow the Factory's production for the previous financial year. We have certainly seen some highlights:

No, the Factory did not produce more than 10,000 cars as some of us did expect, but more than 9,251 cars produced is a new record mark!

And yes - we have really missed to celebrate the 200,000th Ferrari being produced. 127690 was announced as being the official 100,000th Ferrari produced. We all know that pure counting would not fit the Italian company, but, the "truth" surely would be around #227690, a Challenge car from spring of 2017.

And for those who like visual impressions more, here's the graph:

Both charts will be available in our "Picture Box" as well.