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from the pressday to your desks

the impressions of the 89. Internationaler Auto Salon in Geneva

Already yesterday and today, the press had the opportunity to visit the Geneva motor show and has got first impressions. Our good friend Matthias Kierse is at the scene and surprised us with pictures of Ferrari's stand early this morning - how could we hesitate to share it with you?

Most interessting may be the 488-successor, the F8 Tributo, present in two copies, as well as two Portofinos with one Tailor Made-car amongst them, a 812 and a V12 GTC/4 - all of special colours, except the F8's.

Here are the cars, all pictured by Matthias Kierse of Secret-Classics.com!

243937 Portofino F1 Tailor Made Geneva Show Car 19 Verde Oni 18/Ochre Historical Ochre Historical stitching LHD EU ZFF89FPB000243937 LHD EU ass. # 164868 Shields Aluminum dials HELE AFS sytem

243718 Portofino F1 Geneva Show Car 19 Glossy Allumino/Beige Tradizione 13042 Grigio Scuro stitching LHD EU ZFF89FPB000243718 LHD EU Giallo calipers Shields Giallo dials HELE AFS sytem

242985 F8 Tributo F1 Geneva Show Car 19 Rosso Corsa/Nero LHD EU ZFF92LMB000242985 Shields Nero calipers

242682 F8 Tributo F1 Geneva Show Car 19 Blu Corsa/Nero LHD EU ZFF92LMB000242682 Shields Giallo calipers

243715 812 Superfast F1 Geneva Show Car 19 extracampionario Yellow/Nero 8500 Yellow leather inserts Giallo stitching LHD EU ZFF83CMB000243715 ass. # 164820 Aluminum calipers Shields Giallo dials carbon sill kicks HELE AFS system suspension lift

243719 GTC4 Lusso F1 Geneva Show Car 19 extracamionario Blue 151093/Tortora 130425 Tortora 130425 stitching 243719 ass. # 164779 Nero calipers Shields Giallo dials panoramic roof suspension lift HELE