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this year's season opener

our report from Interclassics Maastricht at the MECC

If we take Maastricht as an indicator, the season might not return record breaking numbers of Ferraris on display. Just 57 cars being present over the four days of Interclassics Maastricht 2019.

However, we do not go to Maastricht for chasing records. Interclassics is some kind of soulfood - it's a new year, the previous event seems to have happened long, long ago and people at the MECC are of the kind species. We have missed a display by the Aaldering family and sure, some of the potential stock of LM Classics or Oldtimer Farm and, yes, we sure know each jewel at Stradale's stand, but, we also found some new cars and: a sensational 100 % of the cars on display have been identified! What more could we want? Ah! A Slide Show! We see. Why not?