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shall we start already?

we do, because Barrett-Jackson is opening it all today: It's Scottsdale Week!

Most of the auction will not finish earlier than next weekend, but, the ballyhoo starts already today with Barrett-Jackson's Scottsdale 2019 sale. However, starting means not finishing - the final lot will be hammered next Sunday. Nevertheless, we share Barrett-Jackson's lots already today. May we have your attention for a special car? Ever heard of a Scuderia being converted to manual transmisson? You did not? Neither did we, but Barrett-Jackson has it on offer. The strange thing with S/N 164239 is offered as lot Lot 1344 if you would like to look it up in their online catalogue.

118873 360 Modena F1 99 Rosso Corsa/Beige LHD US ZFFYR51AXX0118873 Shields Red Calipers rear Challenge grill
Lot 785.1 no reserve

122314 360 Modena F1 00 Grigio Titanio Metallizzato/Nero Daytona seats LHD US ZFFYU51A5Y0122314 Red Calipers rear Challenge Grill Tubi
Lot 811 no reserve 23,674 miles

170226 California 2+ F110 Grigio Titanio FER. 3238 PPG/Cuoio Daytona seats Charcoal Stitching LHD US ZFF65LJA8A0170226 Nero Calpiers Nero dials
Lot 812.1 no reserve 32,912 miles

129745 360 Modena Spider F1 02 Argento Nürburgring/Nero Daytona seats LHD US ZFFYT53A0129745 Aluminum calipers rear Challenge grille
Lot 813 no reserve 20,586 miles

29861 308 GTS 79 Rosso Chiaro/Cuoio Nero stripes LHD US F106AS*29861*
Lot 946 no reserve 48,296 miles

133988 360 Modena Spider 03 Argento Nürburgring/Nero Daytona Seats LHD Manual US ZFFYT53A230133988 Red Calipers rear Challenge Grille
Lot 1013.1 no reserve

59995 328 GTS 85 Rosso Corsa FER 300 Glasurit/Nero LHD EU ZFFWA20B000059995 rear aerofil
Lot 1027 no reserve 22,768 miles

147976 F430 F1 06 Nero/Nero Daytona Seats Grigio Chiaro Stitching LHD US ZFFEW58A060147976 Giallo Dials Shields Red Calipers
Lot 1027.1 no reserve 37,851 miles

200525 California 30 F1 12/13 Nero Daytona/Nero front & rear Daytona seats Grigio Scuro inserts Grigio Chiaro stitching LHD US ZFF65TJA8E0200525 Verde calipers Shields Giallo dials
Lot 1123 no reserve 26,556 miles

64115 Testarossa Series 1 86 Rosso Corsa/Beige dark Brown dash LHD US ZFFSA17A8G0064115
Lot 1136 no reserve 13,154 miles, stored in a climate-controlled museum

130035 360 Modena Spider F1 02 Grigio Alloy then matte White wrap/Rosso Daytona Seats Rosso Stitching LHD US ZFFYT53A920130035 Shields Red Calipers Challenge Grill Tubi
Lot 1260 no reserve 16,600 miles

164239 F430 Scuderia F1 08 Nero B/B FER. 1250 temp. aftermarket Yellow Sticker Stripes Red Borders/Alcantara Nera Racing seats Alacntara Rosso seat centres LHD US ZFFKW64A580164239 Shields Giallo Calipers Giallo Dials, manual-trans. conversion by European Auto Group
Lot 1344 no reserve, 11,000 miles, modified by European Auto Group in San Antonio, TX, to house the only gated 6-speed manual transmission in history.

78188 Testarossa Series 3 7/88 Rosso Corsa FER 300/9 Glasurit/Beige dark Brown dash LHD US ZFFSG17A9J0078188 eng. # F.113A040*14303*
Lot 1348, 1,000 miles, 2 owners

138536 360 Modena Challenge Stradale F1 04 Blu Le Mans/Alcantara Blu Scuro bolsters Grey Alcantara Grigio seat centres LHD US ZFFDU57A440138536 Giallo Dials Gold Challenge Rims Giallo Calipers Shields
Lot 1360 9,885 miles

124161 550 Barchetta Pininfarina #183/448 6/01 Argento Nürburgring 101/C PPG/Nero 8500 Racing seats LHD US ZFFZR52A210124161 ass.# 42085 Red Calipers Shields Tubi
Lot 1377 no reserve 28,000 miles

62111 Testarossa Series 1 86 Bianco FER 100 PPG/Bianco LHD EU ZFFTA17B000062111
Lot 1448 no reserve 3,580 miles

175483 458 Italia F1 10 Rosso Corsa/Beige Daytona seats Nero inserts Nero stitching LHD US ZFF67NFA0A0175483 Giallo dials Shields Giallo calipers
Lot 1450 no reserve 7,704 miles

169498 California 2+ F1 7/09 Nero Daytona/Cuoio front Daytona Seats LHD US ZFF65LJA3A0169498 Giallo Calipers Shields Giallo Dials
Lot 1458 no reserve 15,944 miles

168384 California 2+ F1 10 Rosso Mugello FER. 325 PPG/Cuoio Daytona Seats LHD US ZFF65LJA5A0168384 Carbon Ceramic Brakes Red Calipers Shields Giallo Dials
Lot 1472 no reserve 25,000 miles

158109 F430 Spider F1 07 Nero Daytona/Cuoio Cuoio diamond stitching to seats Nero Stitching & Piping Cuoio dash & steering wheel Nero top LHD US ZFFEW59A870158109 Giallo dials Shields Nero calipers Carbon Ceramic Brakes rear Challenge Grill Grigio Corsa Scuderia-style rims
Lot 1614 no reserve

86974 Testarossa Series 3 91 Giallo FER 102 Glasurit/Nero 8500 LHD US ZFFSG17A9M0086974
Lot 1615 no reserve

137923 360 Modena Spider F1 04 Blu Pozzi/Cuoio Daytona seats Blu Scuro inserts & piping Blu stitching Cuoio dash & steering wheel dark Blue top LHD US ZFFYT53A340137923 Shields Red calipers custom rear grill
Lot 1616 no reserve