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even more action on the Kaufhaus levels

Mecum's three-day auction from 23rd to 25th

Mecum starts its auction next Thursday. The lot number represents the day of auction: 'T' is for Thursday, 'F' stands for Friday and, guess what, 'S' will indicate Saturday-lots. Sounds logical - and so it is.

109753 F355 Spider 7/97 Giallo Modena/Nero Nero top LHD Manual US ZFFXR48A7W0109753 Nero calipers
Lot T65

25693 308 GTS 78 Rosso Chiaro/Beige LHD F106AS*25693*
Lot T122 31,780 miles

147904 F430 Spider F1 06 Rosso Corsa/Beige Daytona Seats Nero Stitching LHD US ZFFEW59AX60147904 Red Calipers Shields
Lot T123.1

69213 Testarossa Series 2 1/87 Nero/Nero LHD US ZFFSG17A0H0069213 eng. # F.113A040*00552*
Lot T136.1

28683 308 GTS 79 Rosso Corsa/Nero then Nero Daytona seats Rosso inserts LHD US F106AS*28683*
Lot F30 32,298 miles

110928 F355 Berlinetta F1 11/97 Giallo Modena 4305 D.S./Nero LHD US ZFFXR41A7W0110928 Nero calipers
Lot F34 29,175 miles 2 owners

23657 308 GTS 78 Rosso Chiaro/Nero LHD US
06/1978 Erstzulassung
Lot F35 47,884 miles

16701 365 GTB/4 Daytona #1125/1284 73 Azzurro/Nero Daytona seats LHD US body # 1233
Lot F111 17,360 miles

231157 California T F1 Tailor Made '70th Anniversary edition' 18 Livera #36 'La Competizione' Grigio Ferro 50/60 Argento Nürburgring stripe/Nero Grigio cloth seat centres Grigio Chiaro stitching LHD US ZFF77XJA6J0231157 Aluminum dials Shields Nero calipers
Lot F125.1

126972 575 M Maranello F1 02 Grigio Titanio/Nero Daytona Seats LHD US ZFFBV55A220126972 Shields Aluminum Calipers
Lot F133 est. $100,000 - $115,000 15,183 miles

171669 599 GTB Fiorano F1 HGTE 12/09 Nero Daytona Carbon fiber wrapped Roof/Nero Rosso Stitching LHD US ZFF60FCA7A0171669 Red Calipers Carbon-Ceramic Brakes Rosso Dials Shields Capristo exhaust
Lot F151

147660 612 Scaglietti F1 3/06 Argento Nürburgring/Blu Scuro Daytona Seats Grigio Chiaro Stitching LHD US ZFFAA54A260147660 ass. # 64843 Giallo Dials Aluminum Calipers
Lot F157 37,253 miles

60347 328 GTS 86 Rosso Corsa/Beige LHD US ZFFXA20A1G0060347 rear aerofoil
Lot F188 35,000 miles

116267 F355 Spider F1 Series Fiorano #60/100 99 Nero/Bordeaux Alcantara Nera Steering Wheel LHD US ZFFXR48A9X0116267 Shields Red Calipers rear Challenge Grill
Lot F198.1 16,548 miles

140035 360 Modena Spider F1 10/04 Nero/Nero Daytona Seats LHD US ZFFYT53A950140035 Aluminum Calipers front & rear Challenge Grill Shields Stradale Exhaust Savini Rims aftermarket Yellow dials
Lot S29 13,018 miles

131240 Enzo Ferrari F1 03 Rosso Corsa/Rosso LHD US ZFFCW56A630131240 ass.# 48367 Shields Nero calipers Rosso dials
Lot S48.1 est. $2,900,000 - $3,100,000 3,150 miles

08070 246 GTS Dino 74 Viola Metallizzato then Red then Viola Metallizzato/Nero leather LHD US
Lot S56

10717 275 GTB/4 #253 67 Grigio Mahmoud/Beige LHD US body # 0260 eng. # 10717
Lot S79 15,000 km, replaced odometer, Ferrari Classiche certified

103114 F50 Frankfurt Show car, #2/349 95 Rosso Corsa/Nero Rosso cloth seat centres LHD EU ZFFTA46B000103114 ass. # 19963
Lot S80.1 est. $3,700,000 - $4,200,000, 3,363 miles Ferrari Classiche certified

229582 California T F1 HS Tailor Made '70th Anniversary edition' 18 Livera #42 'La Daytona' Blu NART 666077/Rosso Ferrari VM Special 2 front & rear Daytona seats Nero inserts LHD US ZFF77XJA0J0229582 Shields Alluminio calipers Giallo dials Argento Nürburgring Dreamline 266697 mirrors, front bumper & sides Argento Nürburgring Opaco rims
Lot S96

223170 F12 TdF F1 17 Grigio Ferro Nero & Rosso Corsa stripes/Alcantara Nera Racing seats Rosso stripe Rosso stitching Nero & Rosso steering wheel LHD US ZFF81BFA8H0223170 Rosso Scuderia calipers Shields Giallo dials cinture Rosso AFS system Suspension lift Nero opaco rims
Lot S97 446 Miles

209754 LaFerrari F1 15 Giallo Modena Nero roof/Nero Giallo stripe Giallo piping LHD US ZFF76ZFA4F0209754 Giallo calipers Shields Giallo Modena mirrors
Lot S98 419 miles

209189 458 Italia Speciale F1 15 Azzurro California no stripe/Bordeaux Goldrake Racing seats Nero stitching Bordeaux dash LHD US ZFF75VFA5F0209189 Aluminum calipers Shields Rosso dials
Lot S99 2,832 miles

206523 LaFerrari F1 14 Rosso Corsa/Rosso Racing seats Alcantara Nera Piping LHD US ZFF76ZFA5E0206523 Shields Rosso Corsa calipers Rosso Corsa mirrors
Lot S111 307 miles

15733 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider Conversion by Straman #911/1284 72 Rosso Chiaro/Nero LHD US
Lot S113

6943GT 275 GTB #96 65 Rosso Corsa/Nero LHD US 275 GTB*06943* eng. # 6943 short nose, long nose conversion Tubi
Lot S117

16109 365 GTB/4 Daytona #846/1284 8/72 Giallo Fly/Nero Daytona seats LHD CDN body # 846
Lot S122 48,834 miles

220566 F12 TdF F1 17 Rosso F1 2007 Nero DS 1250 stripe/Alcantara Nera Racing seats Italian centre stripe Bianco stitching LHD US ZFF81BFA7H0220566 carbon Shields Red calipers AFS system Ferrari Telemetry Nero lucido rims
Lot S125 1,157 miles. Signed by Sebastian Vettel

151053 F430 Spider F1 06 Rosso Corsa/Beige Daytona Seats Nero top LHD US ZFFEW59A760151053 Red Calipers Shields Giallo dials
Lot S127 170 miles

154620 599 GTB Fiorano F1 4/07 Rosso Corsa FER. 322 then flat Nero foiled Roof/Beige Daytona Seats then Nero Nero cloth inserts Beige stitching Beige lower Dash LHD US ZFFFC60A770154620 Shields Carbon Ceramic Brakes Red Calipers Challenge then ADV1 Rims Rosso Dials tinted tail lights
Lot S132 11,574 miles

9955 330 GTC 67 dark Red met./Nero then Rosso Corsa/Beige LHD EU body # C0273 eng. #09955 ass. seq. 238
Lot S141 45,798 miles

202496 F12 berlinetta F1 14 Rosso Scuderia/Nero Racing seats Rosso stitching LHD US ZFF74UFA7E0202496 Rosso Scuderia calipers Shields Giallo dials AFS system
Lot S146 1,260 miles

213352 458 Italia Speciale A F1 9/15 Giallo Triplo Strato livera Blu NART/Alcantara Nera Racing seats Giallo fabric inserts Giallo stitching LHD US ZFF78VHA4F0213352 Aluminum calipers Shields Giallo dials AFS system
Lot S150.1 est. $650,000 - $700,000 633 miles

142923 F430 Spider F1 05 Rosso Scuderia FER. 323 PPG/Crema Crema dash & steering wheel Rosso stitching LHD US ZFFEW59A250142923 ass. # 60083 eng. # 95682 Giallo calipers Shields Giallo dials Challenge rims, ex-Vijay Mallya
Lot S155.1 est. $150,000 - $175,000

131368 360 Modena Spider 03 Grigio Alloy 750 PPG/Blu Scuro Daytona Seats Grigio Scuro Stitching Blu Scuro Dash & Steering Wheel Blu Top LHD Manual US ZFFYT53A630131368 Red Calipers front & rear Challenge Grill
Lot S160 16,975 miles

161636 599 GTB Fiorano F1 08 Rosso Corsa/Giallo Daytona racing seats Rosso stitching Rosso upper dash & steering wheel LHD US ZFFFC60A080161636 Giallo dials Shields Giallo calipers cinture Rot Challenge rims
Lot S161 6,535 miles

161012 F430 Scuderia F1 08 Nero Daytona Golden stripes/Nero Alcantara large Racing Seats Nero & Giallo fabric seat centres Giallo Stitching LHD US ZFFKW64A680161012 ass. # 78219 Nero Calipers Giallo dials Shields Golden Rims
Lot S165

189294 458 Italia Challenge F1 12 Giallo Tristrato then Nero Dextra livery then Yellow Blue Green & Violet then Giallo Tristrato/Nero Rosso cloth seats Rosso Stitching LHD ZFF71NXX000189294 ass. # 105528 Aluminum calipers EVO kit
Lot S173

154628 599 GTB Fiorano F1 5/07 Rosso Corsa FER. 322 PPG/Nero 8500 Daytona Seats Rosso Inserts Rosso stiching LHD US ZFFFC60A170154628 ass. # 71583 Red Calipers Shields Giallo dials Carboceramic Brakes
Lot S177 28,117 miles

123547 360 Modena Spider 01 Giallo Modena/Nero Racing Seats LHD Manual US ZFFYT53A310123547 Shields Nero calipers rear Challenge Grill HRE Rims Tubi
Lot S180 14,875 miles

173137 599 GTB Fiorano F1 HGTE 10 Nero Opaco/Nero Alcantara Nera seat centres Rosso Stitching LHD US ZFF60FCA6A0173137 Nero Calipers carbon Shields Bianco dials
Lot S180.1

129443 575 M Maranello F1 7/02 Nero Daytona 506 PPG/Cuoio Daytona seats LHD CDN ZFFBV55A120129443 ass. # 46424 Nero calipers
Lot S181 6,680 km

115427 F355 Spider F1 Series Fiorano Geneva Show car #1/100 99 Rosso Corsa/Beige Beige boot Nero top LHD US ZFFXR48A0X0115427 Red calipers Shields rear Challenge Grill
Lot S184 18,700 miles

99245 348 Spider 4/94 Rosso Corsa 300/Beige A4208 Nero top Beige boot LHD US ZFFRG43A2S0099245
Lot S203 8,570 miles

169950 California 2+ F1 10 Nero Daytona/Beige front Daytona seats LHD US ZFF65LJA6A0169950 Nero dials Shields Rosso Scuderia calipers
Lot S205 21,851 miles

115938 F355 Spider F1 3/99 Rosso Corsa/Beige Nero top LHD US ZFFXR48A3X0115938 Red Calipers Shields rear Challenge Grille
Lot S212 12,050 miles

180214 599 SA Aperta F1 11 Rosso Corsa Aluminum Opaco roof/Nero Rosso stripe Alcantara Rosso piping Nero soft top LHD US ZFF72RHA8B0180214 Rosso Corsa calipers Shields Giallo dials
Lot R543 wdn 1,037 miles