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A warm welcome to many new visitors to F-Register!

The Story of F-Register and a simple guide through F-Register.com

What’s it all about?

It all started with doubting. Matthias Urban, author of the “Ferrari Serial Number Manual” and founder of its spin-off F-Register.com, just liked the design of the cars from Maranello over the decades and when spending some rare spare time on putting together some dinky cars of the Prancing Horses he came over a Daytona in a strange livery. In the early days of the World Wide Web he researched that car and did not only find out that the car was existing, but that the car was numbered by the Factory. His guess was: If one Ferrari shows a Serial Number, all cars made by them should have one. The ongoing quest was started – compiling the most accurate database of Ferrari Chassis Numbers outside the Factory’s system.

The building instruction of the car in question can be found on our web-site here

#12925, the 365 GTB/4 Daytona Speciale that started it all

The Book

In 2001 a German publisher became aware of Urban’s work and offered to publish a book, it took nearly seven years to compile it and to get it ready. The story is told here

The Book is sold out since some time now. Subscribers (see below) to F-Register do have access to an exact virtual copy as a flip-book.


The publisher’s promise to issue an update once a year vanished with the economic crisis at the end of last decade and Matthias Urban already decided to move the database that has been basis for the Book to an online-version what led to founding F-Register.com as you see it today.

F-Register.com offers free content for everybody and content available for Subscribers only. The side bar on the left offers seven drop-down menus about the Author, the Book, Chassis Numbers, the Cars and the Community as free content.

About Chassis Numbers

explains anything about a Chassis Number added by the Factory to their cars – its composition, its meaning, its position, accompanying numbers and the possibility to provide us with Serial Numbers that our Users have found and that are not included in F-Register’s unique database. At ‘Submit a Serial Number‘ there the option as well to provide us with a picture of a car that will be added to the car’s record.

About the Cars

shows information about Ferrari’s cars since 1947 and its Production Numbers.


is the most frequently news-publishing sector of F-Register.com. The Chronicle is the daily blog – our mouthpiece to you! Around The Chronicle you will find the annual Event Calendar and reports added from the events we have visited, single pictures of interest in the Picture Box, a literature list on the Book Shelf and, free Excel-sheets for everybody, Race Results, containing the Ferrari result from the Formula 1 races, the various Sportscar Series and the Challenge races.

For Subscribers only

70 to 80 % of the Ferrari Serial Numbers is our target and the result should be accessible for our Subscribers and it is. Use our Slideshow to experience a walk through the Heart of F-Register. The subscription is 25 sfr per year, the database is updated on a quarterly basis. Subscribers also have access to the Virtual Book (see above).

and then came the real Ferraristi… and said: It’s ok that I can search and sort, but… where can I read it??? After a short period of being speechless, Matthias Urban decided to publish Supplements to the original Books, that contain the updates to the database. Currently the Supplements 1 and 2 and the double feature ¾ are available in our Online Store.