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The Historics at Zandvoort

only three classic cars appeared

For a long time now, Ferrari events predominantly have to exist without too many historic Ferraris. There are well known exceptions, but the "plain vanilla" meetings are suffering from the absence.

On the other hand, the generation of today notice the 328 and the Testarossa as 'Classic Cars' - another sign that we might grow old...

In Zandvoort a fortnight ago, three remarkable Classics have been presented.

The Schouwenburg-family presented two cars, both well known. First of all was #0433GT the 3rd Prototype of the 250GT Boano Coupe, the car that should enter the Concours in Apeldoorn one week later. Second was Schouwenburg's Testa Rossa re-creation, one of the cars that uses 0720TR's identity.

Third in the row was a re-creation of a 250 GTO 64 by Piet Roelofs based on a 250 GTE with S/N 4817GT.

All three cars are featured in today's Slide Show