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The majority of Maastricht

Ferrari at the InterClassics TopMobiel at the MECC

Actually the title of this post should have been "The rest of Maastricht" after having already reported about the tremendous FCN-display, but, this would not do justice to the outcome of our visit: 68 more Ferraris spotted by ourselves plus additional five cars that joined the exhibition on a later stage.

To be honest, the number of classic Ferraris was -once again- poor. Does it look like the dealers have fired their best shots? Another 330 GT 2+2 beside Coys' lot and a Lusso, that truly was wonderful, at Thiessen have been the cars on offer. The Gallery Aaldering had a 275 GTB Competizione Speciale on display, but not for sale. A tricky choice of the nicest classic car: has it been 5939GT or 07931? The field was filled up with a Daytona, some 365 GTC/4 and Prins Bernard's remarkable flat Green 412.

The choice of the nicest Dino would be easy, rare Verde Medio livrey took the biscuit - dispite finally identifiying Hangar 125's #01164 what took us a while.

The best modern Ferrari is hard to tell. Many cars in some surprising liveries, like the -attention, this is an official Factory colour!- 400 i Automatic in Light Green 602/C Glasurit. But the biggest surprise was the F355 GTS F1 #114463. The B-post of the car was covered with the kind of cloth the Factory did use for the Spiders. The salesman was kind enough to show us the Targa-top that was covered in the same way as well. We doubt it and we did not get any confirmation - this should not be original what is really sad - we never saw something like that and if it would be on the car from new and Factory-made it sure would be one of the most unique GTS ever!

InterClassics TopMobiel in general? Why asking? It is like it ever was and like we love it. For the 24th year -do you realise that they will have their anniversary next year?- they welcomed close to 27,000 visitors and it would have topped last year's record attendance if Egon would not have intervened. Who's Egon you may ask, quite rightly. Egon was called the low-pressure area that arrived in time on Friday with black ice and snow.

Happy being there on Thursday and having it cosy and warm on Friday in the office...

Thanks to all of the organziation crew that made us feel once again so comfortable at the MECC!